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STEP 1: Gather your albums and scrapbooks

STEP 2: Let us digitize those slides

Why DVDs?

  • Survive 25-75 years
  • Only truly reliable long term storage option

We offer USB flash drives for quick sharing and DVDs for long term protection of your cherished memories.

STEP 3: Enjoy with friends and
family for generations!

Digitize Old Albums
or Scrapbooks?

Yes. You or someone put a lot of time and effort and care into those things – preserve them just as they are! This service is also perfect when you don’t want to or can’t have your photo albums disassembled. We can scan all of your album and scrapbook pages at 400 or 600 DPI.


How do I save photo albums and scrapbooks?

We understand that making photo albums and scrapbooks are a serious investment of both time and money. The hours of work result often result in family heirlooms that’ll be passed down through generations.
Unfortunately, there are risks to physical, fragile memories, such as:

  • The natural aging process.
  • The risk of disasters such as fire, flood or loss that put these treasures at risk.

Instead of worrying about how to save scrapbooks and photo albums, have us digitally scan scrapbooks into digital files. Our photo scanning service is able to scan photo albums to make digital photo copies, so you can have peace of mind knowing that the memories will be safe.
If you prefer sharing physical copies, no worries. You can use our photo scanning service, then print out the scanned pages as modern archival photo books to share with your loved ones. That way, our photoscan service can help with digital copies AND let you pass them on to future generations with re-printable physical copies.

(We also offer photo printing to make such printed copies!)

Why Now?

Here are the top reasons to scan your old photo albums and scrapbooks:

  • Reduce clutter and reclaim some space.
  • The ability to share the memories with family living out-of-town.
  • Fading photographs, disintegrating albums and discolored background pages.
  • Flexibility of having memories on optical media (DVD) and the superior experience of viewing them on a TV.
  • The appeal of converting the album to a photobook

Our nationally competitive prices and accessible staff allow you personal service without loosing your shirt. We preserve your scrapbook and album pages to high-quality Taiyo Yuden silver DVDs. To ensure even longer life, choose a 100 year gold archival DVD or a digital file back-up for a little extra.

It’s easy to clear precious space and
get organized with our cost-effective

Rescue Kit

This is a simple, affordable method to get your photos, videos or slides scanned and preserved. Simply send in one type of media, such as photos, or mix-and-match various kinds.

After Click Scan Share has scanned them and created digitally safe copies, you get the originals AND the scanned copies.


& photo albums

  • $1.95 per page


  • Extra Gold DVD: $20 each
  • Extra Silver DVD: $10 each


It’s easy to clear precious space and get organized with our cost-effective Rescue Kit.

This is a simple, affordable method to get your photos, videos or slides scanned and preserved for generations to come.


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