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Digitize Your Old Photos

Whether you have 10,000 old family photos or just a few our 600 DPI digital photo scanning system provides JPEG images that will allow you to save, share and enjoy your pre-digital photos with today’s technology!


300 DPI, 600 DPI, 1200 DPI…
What Should I Do?

Imagine this: You open your favorite photo box and find the images deteriorating. How do you save photos from fading? You know it’s important to act fast. The longer you wait, the more extensive and expensive the restoration work will be.

If you take action now, our photo scanning service can provide you with convenient, easy-to-share and use JPEG images for your beautiful, digital photo collection. This means you can share photos, movies and more easily on your computer, iPad and other devices – photo scanning at a variety of file sizes: 600, 1200, 2400, 4800 or even 9600 DPI.

What’s the difference between the DPI options? Which photo DPI do I need?

For most family snapshots, a 600 DPI scan will be more than enough. The photo file sizes are compact and the quality suitable for most every use. A typical 4”x6” photograph can be viewed on a 42” flat screen TV or reprinted as an 8”x12” print.

Sometimes, you may need a higher resolution for a photo enlargement, restoration or archive quality scan. Don’t worry about figuring out which DPI to select; our team of experts will guide you to the proper photo scanning resolution for your needs and budget.

Why Now?

Color photographs became affordable and popular in the late 1950s. By 1962, black and white was increasingly rare. Unfortunately, the dyes used at this time were not long-lasting and fading set in quickly. We are now beginning to see total color loss from the first color snapshots. Any photo older than 1990 likely has measurable color loss.

Black and white photographs are pretty hardy and, if properly stored, hold up for 75-100 years. But, the biggest problem is the backing paper, which is often heavily deteriorated by 75 years old. Even if the image is good, the cost for the special handling of the fragile paper can increase your scanning cost by 4-10 times. Scanning these photos as soon as possible will save you money.

There are so many benefits to scanning your family photos, we really encourage you to get started now.

It’s easy to clear precious space and
get organized with our cost-effective

Rescue Kit

This is a simple, affordable method to get your photos, videos or slides scanned and preserved. Simply send in one type of media, such as photos, or mix-and-match various kinds.

After Click Scan Share has scanned them and created digitally safe copies, you get the originals AND the scanned copies.


How Much Does it Cost?


  • $250 minimum per orders


  • 8×12 or smaller $0.59
  • 8×12 or smaller (Back Scan) $0.59
  • 11×14 or larger $5
  • Flatbed $1.99





  • 600 DPI $2
  • 1200 DPI $3
  • 2400 DPI $5
  • 4800 DPI $10
  • 9600 DPI $20
  • Special settings (tintypes, daguerreotype, etc.) $19


  • Stitching $12
  • Small album Handling $19
  • Album Handling $29
  • Overhead Album Page Images per Page $0.5
  • Full Page Scrapbook Scans $1.99
  • Photo Cropping (per image) $1
  • Overhead Image Capture $49
  • Trophy and Memorabilia Photos $20


  • Minor $29
  • Moderate $49
  • Heavy $69
  • Severe $89
  • Color Correction ($40 min.) $0.2
  • Full colorization $100






*Prices above are per piece.
**All prices are subject to change without notice.

digital color correction

Original photo scanned in at 600 DPI – after normal color correction – after professional color correction.

Color photos suffer significant color loss over time, which can be corrected digitally after scanning. We offer both a normal and a professional level of color correction service for any scanned photo.

album handling service

Got tons of photos in old photo albums? If you’ve neither the time nor the inclination for removing them all for digital scanning, we’ll handle that for you.

It’s easy to clear precious space and get organized with our cost-effective Rescue Kit.

This is a simple, affordable method to get your photos, videos or slides scanned and preserved for generations to come.


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