How Many Rescue Kits Should I Buy?

First, keep it simple. You don’t have to know the exact quantities. When you purchase the Rescue Kit, you price is locked in until you submit your items for scanning. And, your unused portion is fully refundable. You don’t have to worry about under-buying or over-buying. If you have a little, buy one Rescue Kit. If you have a lot, buy at $149 and save more!

If you really want to know in advance, use this helpful guide:


Videotapes: It’s easy. just count the number of cassettes. Each tape will be transferred to a silver archival DVD, titled the same as the tape.


Photo Albums: The average photo album has 200 photos. Just multiply the number of albums by 200 and that is a good approximate number of photos.

Loose Photos: A 1” stack of photos contains 100 photos. Multiply the size of your stack by 100 for a good estimate.

A Shoebox or Photo Storage Box: If filled only with photos, this will be 1000-1200 photos. (Less, if other items or empty space).

A Banker’s Box: A banker’s box with nothing but photos can hold up to 5000. In reality, after counting for loose space and duplicates, you should expect about 2500 per banker’s box.

Large bins and boxes: Use the same guide as a Banker’s Box and adjust based upon how much bigger your box is.


Carousels: Most carousels tell you the slide count on the box. Or, use 100 per carousel and you will be pretty close.

Slide Boxes: For those original slide boxes from Kodak, multiple the number of boxes by 24 and you will have a good estimate.

Slide Trays: Slide trays can hold from 24-60 per tray. Check yours or multiply the number of trays by 36 as a safe estimate.

Slide Cubes: Slide cubes hold 36 slides each.

Metal Slide Organizers: Most metal slide boxes have 150 slots and hold 1, 2 or 3 slides per slot. So, each box will hold 150, 300 or 450 slides based upon how many slides fit per slot.

Loose Slides: One inch of slides is about 17 slides.


8 and16mm film is usually kept on reels. The reel’s capacity is based upon the diameter of the reel. First, sort your reels by size and then multiply the quantity by the feet per reel. Subtract for partially filled reels.

  • 3” = 50’
  • 4” = 100’
  • 5” = 2000’
  • 6” = 300’
  • 7” = 400’
  • 10” = 800’

Remember, you do not need to know exactly how much media you have. Make a good estimate and just purchase about what you need. Our flexible program prevents you from under-burin or over-buying.

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